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TYPHON 10hp EPA B&S FURY Walk behind Vibratory Roller Compactor USA

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Introducing the TYPHON FURY Walk-Behind Vibratory Roller, a compact yet powerful machine designed to tackle big challenges in various applications. This exceptionally versatile equipment offers excellent performance on small to medium compacting jobs, whether on granular materials, soils, or asphalt. The compact design ensures easy maneuverability, making it ideal for confined areas and contouring to achieve high productivity with adjustable performance. Discover the power within the compact size of TYPHON's Fury Walk-Behind Vibratory Roller and explore the multitude of ways you can utilize it.


The TYPHON FURY Walk-Behind Vibratory Roller excels in a range of applications, including:

  • Earthwork and asphalt projects
  • Sports grounds construction and maintenance
  • Sidewalk and cycle path construction and repair
  • Farming roads construction and maintenance
  • Forested road construction and maintenance

The fast rotation of the walk-behind road roller, coupled with powerful vibrations, creates a compacting force that effectively compacts soil, landfill, asphalt, and more.


  • Walk Speed: 0-4 km/h
  • Climbing Capacity: 30%
  • Drive Type: Hydraulic Station
  • Vibration Control: Automatic Clutch
  • Static Linear Load: 53N/cm
  • Vibration Frequency: 70HZ
  • Exciting Force: 20KN
  • Water Tank Capacity: 20L
  • Hydraulic Oil Tank Capacity: 21L
  • Engine Type: Briggs & Stratton Gasoline Engine XR306CC With EPA
  • Power: 10HP
  • Starting Mode: Hand
  • Steel Wheel Size: φ425X600mmX2
  • Net Weight: 550kg
  • Size: 1250X795X1550mm

Additional Features

  • Hydraulic Pump Brand: SDH
  • Hydraulic Motor Brand: LIKE

Versatility in Action

The TYPHON FURY Walk-Behind Vibratory Roller is not just a machine; it's a compact powerhouse designed to meet your diverse compacting needs. With its robust specifications, innovative design, and reliable components, this roller is set to redefine the standards of compacting efficiency.

For inquiries, orders, or more information about the TYPHON FURY, contact us today. Choose TYPHON for compact power and uncompromised performance in every project.

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Construction machinery for landscaping farming
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Construction machinery for landscaping farming

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Construction machinery for landscaping farming
Construction machinery for landscaping farming