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TYPHON FURY 1.5 Ton Vibratory Compactor Asphalt Roller USA

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GTIN: 5061030740330

Experience the pinnacle of soil compaction with the TYPHON Fury 1.5 Ton Vibratory Compactor, a fully hydraulic asphalt compactor designed for road construction, gardens, farmlands, municipal works, playgrounds, and public parks. This compactor is equipped with advanced features, including a powerful 23 HP engine, electric starting mode, and a fully hydraulic system, making it your go-to solution for versatile compacting needs.

TYPHON Fury 1.5 Ton Vibratory Compactor Key Features

1. Incredibly Versatile

Wide applications, ideal for gardens, farmlands, municipal works, playgrounds, and various small projects.

Tailored to meet the diverse needs of compacting in different settings.

2. Fully Hydraulic System

Equipped with a full hydraulic system and CVT speed.

Front hydraulic vibrating drum, double hydraulic driving drums and hydraulic turnings create maximum efficiency.

3. Powerful Engine

Boasts a 23HP engine with an optimal gradeability of 30%.

Exerts a force of 30KN, ensuring effective and efficient soil compaction.

Gasoline engine is EPA certified, ensuring environmental compliance.

4. Electric Starting Mode

Unique electric starting mode for a convenient and user-friendly experience.

Features a 100L sprinkling water tank and a 60L hydraulic oil tank for extended operation.

5. Excellent Compacting Force

Delivers superior compacting force for smooth and rapid asphalt compaction results.

Includes a premium quality tool box for various project needs.

6. Premium quality components

Features Danfoss hydraulic pump, IMPRO hydraulic driving motor and Danfoss hydraulic vibrating motor for that extra power.

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Fury 1.5 Ton Professional Grade Vibratory Compactor

Outstanding Features:



-Drive type:hydraulic transmission

-Vibration Type: hydraulic vibration

-Vibration frequency:65Hz

-Exciting force:30KN

-Water tank:100L

-Hydraulic oil tank:60L

-EPA Gas Engine: :Briggs & Stratton XR627CC


-Starting mode:Electric

-Steel drum size:560 X 900mm X 2

-Net weight:1500kg

-Size: 2125 X 985 X 2325mm

-Full hydraulic system, CVT speed

-Double drums hydraulic driving

-Hydraulic turning

-Front drum hydraulic vibrating.

Your compacting needs are met with precision and power – experience the professional grade gravel leveling with the TYPHON Fury 1.5 Ton Vibratory Compactor!

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Construction machinery for landscaping farming
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Construction machinery for landscaping farming

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Construction machinery for landscaping farming
Construction machinery for landscaping farming