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TYPHON Thunder VI 23hp EPA B&S Engine Wheel Loader USA

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Unleash the power of torque, breakout force, and excellent traction with the TYPHON Thunder VI 2000 lbs Gasoline Wheel Loader. This environmentally sustainable machine is powered by a 23.5 Briggs & Stratton EPA engine. Designed for small projects, gardens, farmlands, municipal works, playgrounds, and public parks, the Thunder VI is a versatile solution for digging, grabbing, and handling various tasks.

TYPHON Thunder IV 2000lbs Gasoline Wheel Loader Key Features

1. Powerful Gas Engine

  • 23.5hp gasoline-powered Briggs & Stratton engine for torque, breakout force, and excellent traction.
  • V-Twin, 4-stroke, air-cooled, OHV (Overhead Valve) EPA engine ensures efficient performance.
  • Low Profile Dual-Clean™ Air Cleaner and Full Pressure Lubrication with Spin-On.

2. Rated Load Capacity

  • Comes with a rated load capacity of 1200lbs, making it capable of handling various tasks.
  • Ideal for simple tasks on hand, providing efficiency and productivity.

3. Environmentally Sustainable

  • Gas-powered for reduced environmental impact.
  • Lower carbon footprint compared to traditional diesel engine loaders.

4. Simple Maintenance and Stability

  • Simple body structure for easy maintenance.
  • Low center of gravity improves machine stability.
  • Built in hydraulic oil cooler and fan helps reduce engine heat

5. Operational Features

  • Wide field of vision for enhanced visibility.
  • A Rollover Protective Structure (ROPS) that protects the operator in the case of a rollover.
  • Anti-skid and strong bearing capacity for operation in various constrained spaces.

6. Performance Metrics

  • Lifting time of 4.5s and fall time of 3.1s, the THUNDER VI can go up to speeds of 4.3kph.
  • Ability to use skid steer attachments turn the THUNDER VI wheel loader into a multi-functional machine.
  • One main hydraulic valve and two auxiliary valves allow wheel loader to use a wide range of STOMP attachments such as sweeper, 4 in one buckets, auger, concrete breaker, trencher, stump grinder, rotary tiller, snow blower, road sweeper, grappler etc.

TYPHON Machinery - Your Trusted Partner

Why Choose TYPHON Machinery?

  • Purpose-Driven: We help businesses, contractors, and entrepreneurs build reliable infrastructure for generations to come.
  • Extensive Expertise: Benefit from our industry knowledge and experience.
  • Cutting-Edge Technologies: Utilize state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies.
  • Wide Range of Offerings: A diverse selection of heavy equipment and machinery to meet your needs.

Customer Assurance:

  • Toughness, Reliability, and Performance: Our equipment never disappoints in terms of toughness, reliability, and performance.
  • Dedicated Support: Experiencing issues with your order? We're always at your disposal to address any concerns promptly.

Embrace the future of heavy equipment with the TYPHON Thunder VI 2000lbs EPA 23.5hp Wheel Loader. Combining power, efficiency, and sustainability, this loader is your reliable partner for a wide range of projects. Trust TYPHON Machinery for heavy equipment that meets the demands of today while safeguarding the future.

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Construction machinery for landscaping farming
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Construction machinery for landscaping farming

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Construction machinery for landscaping farming
Construction machinery for landscaping farming