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TYPHON Terror X Mini Excavator – 2,500lb Trench Digger w Cabin USA
TYPHON Terror X Mini Excavator – 2,500lb Trench Digger w Cabin USA
TYPHON Terror X Mini Excavator – 2,500lb Trench Digger w Cabin USA
Mini Excavator Machine for Garden, Farms, Parks, Roads – Ideal for Digging, Drilling, Bull-Dozing
$7 499.00

mini excavator TERROR X
Construction machinery for landscaping farming
typhon storm mini excavator

Designed for Small Projects: The TYPHON TERROR X STORM yard excavator was specially engineered for small construction projects, featuring a compact but reliable design that ensures easy maneuverability in small areas, including farms, gardens, public spaces, parks, orchards, farms, and more!

Wide Range of Uses: Thanks to its compact and user-friendly design, this trencher digger machine is perfect for drilling, digging, grabbing, bull-dozing, ditch-cleaning, small excavations, rock-breaking, landscaping or construction purposes.

Compact but Tough: Our ditch digger machine features a small but high-performance engine for smooth functionality and easy maintenance. Compact but powerful, this excavator can withstand intensive construction projects without sacrificing performance.

User-Friendly Design: The micro digger is extremely easy to maneuver even by first-time users, featuring a 380mm wide bucket and platform ground clearance that allow easy operation for all excavation, drilling, or bull-dozing jobs.

What’s Included: The TYPHON TERROR X STORM mini excavator machine comes with 1 x standard digging excavator bucket, as well as 1 x tool box, 1 x canopy, and 1 x digital manual with all the instructions.

Our mini excavator machine was engineered for small projects, offering easy maneuverability and superior performance. The TYPHON Terror X STORM is a 1-ton mini excavator with a 0.025cbm wide bucket and a platform ground clearance of 380mm that makes the excavator super reliable and easy to maneuver in all conditions. Compact, tough and efficient, this trench digger machine is ideal for small construction projects, digging, grabbing, or bull-dozing parks, gardens, farms or public spaces.


Still not convinced? Here are some of the amazing features of our mini excavator:


• Mini excavator for small projects;

• Includes a 0.025cbm capacity standard digging bucket;

• 1650mm digging depth; 

• 380mm platform ground clearance;

• Small but powerful engine;

• Outstanding resistance and durability;

• Easy maneuverability;

• Ideal for public spaces, small construction sites, gardens, farms, orchards, municipal works, parks, roads, landscaping;

• Excellent solution for drilling, ditch-cleaning, trench digging, bull-dozing, grabbing, rock-breaking, and more;


Your construction projects will be successful with this mini excavator machine!